More Paintings Last Day!

21 Jan

Raspberry tartThis raspberry tart looks almost unbearably wonderful. Faced with a shelf of those things I would eat them for every meal until they were gone, I think. Dream with me. And applause, applause for the completion of Week 38! On my last day of this week I used Leslie Anderson’s “Stonington Street” to spark my shorty. Maine writers, see the Summer Stories Short Story Competition put together by the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance and Shanti Arts Publishing for details on submitting short stories inspired by Anderson’s paintings (deadline March 1). This was a tough week, mainly because I seem unable to recover a fairly normal level of energy since the dive I took this fall when I was working really hard on some editorial work. Today was particularly tough but I got it done. Despite the difficulty of the week, it was a pure delight to spend another 7 days with Laurie Anderson’s paintings.

Working Title: Blue
1st Sentence: Today in January I yearn for August blue.
Favorite Sentence: But no, my nails are pliant, thin, inherited from a victim of consumption in a flowing white nightgown or a failed prince in girlish shoes murdered in his sleep.
Word Length: 374

Photo by Flickr user Selena N. B. H. 5/2008.

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