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When I created this site, “Daily Shorty” stood for a daily short story.

I wrote a complete story every day for a year, and posted about each one. Daily activity here ended with the last day of my project, but I’m still attached to the name.

Now “Daily Shorty” reminds me of the importance of regular writing practice, and the necessary daily attentions of a committed writing life. Almost every day I draft a short creative piece—a micro or flash, a scene or meditation on place or character as part of longer work, a blog post; or I revise a story for submission or critique another writer’s work or answer a question about writing craft or process in an e-mail exchange.

Here in my digital home I expand the reach of my small writing community. I share what I know about writing and the writing life, in particular with writers of very short fiction. You’ll find details on markets and contests for micros, flashes, and fiction chapbooks, with special attention each Market Monday on a magazine I consider particularly worthy of your submissions, and each Fiction Friday on an online Model Micro or Fab Flash to inspire your own stunning work.

Occasionally I post about questions all writers consider, such as how to manage rejection, tackle submissions, approach drafting new material. If it interests me and my writer friends, I figure it’s likely to interest you and yours.

Not every day, no. But at least twice a week I’ll be here to wax chatty about one writing obsession or another. Eventually I’ll get to one of yours.

All best and happy writing,
Claire Guyton

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