More Paintings Day 6

20 Jan

WestieComing to the end of my second week of stories prompted by Leslie Anderson paintings—just one more after this one. See the Summer Stories Short Story Competition put together by the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance and Shanti Arts Publishing for details on the March 1 deadline if you’re a Maine writer and you want to play. The day’s shorty was inspired by Anderson’s “Semaphore.” I had a lot of hope for this one but the execution wasn’t so great. On to the next.

Working Title: Talking Coffee Cup
1st Sentence: For a while they spoke only in Coffee Cup.
Favorite Sentence: The Westie talk was a boost to Veronica’s weeks of slinging cups of the same over-cooked, over-sugared crap, over and over in all its multisyllabic forms, while she worried about the next test at her night class.
Word Length: 1,035

Photo by Christopher Walker, Krakow, Poland, 11/2006.

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