22 Jan

SnailI’m writing this day’s post a week later. When I can’t do a story post in the same day, I leave a line of notes in the story file (or on the notebook page) to remind myself of what I was thinking and feeling when I composed the draft. For this one I noted that I couldn’t focus and it took forever to pull something out. Part of the problem, I know now, was that I was coming down with the flu.

Working Title: Which?
1st Sentence: A woman, late thirties, alone in her office, looks up from her computer monitor as though she just heard something, something non-office.
Favorite Sentence: His father picks him up, so fast he almost doesn’t have time to pluck snail Mommy from the piece of bark but he does and slips her into his pocket while Dad carries him inside.
Word Length: 509

Photo by Jürgen Schoner 5/2005.

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