Hello Week 37!

8 Jan

Fudge TurtleI neglected to celebrate the completion of Week 36 in January 7th’s story post below. Likewise, I began this week forgetting that I should use a writing prompt to keep up with my practice (for some time now) of alternating weeks using writing prompts with weeks of coming up with ideas entirely randomly. Well, that’s how it’s been, lately. I may have to accept that I’m not going to regain a normal-ish level of energy for the remainder of this challenge. Major mental fatigue has settled in and seems to abate somewhat for only a couple of days at a time. I do continue to write stories that surprise and delight me, at least one every week. How long can I go? I guess we’ll find out. For now enjoy with me this turtle fudge to celebrate another week of shorties. The day’s story was inspired by a conversation I had recently with a friend about fertility treatments.

Working Title: Egg-less
1st Sentence: Egg Mommy.
Favorite Sentence: Purgatory is trudging around with your flat abdomen, your biological clock clanging like Big Ben, dodging growing bellies in pastel colors, sandwich-bag dresses with big bows centered on the womb, and TMI jokes about indigestion, compressed bladders, innie belly buttons popping out like little erect penises or like posted “I was here” signs from the actual penises.
Word Length: 423

Photo by Mackinac Fudge Shop 12/2008.

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