Something from Nothing

7 Jan

SilenceNot the first time I’ve spun a story from my focus on one word and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Woke up this morning thinking too many things at once, which produced a few false starts. So I closed my eyes and said, “Silence, that’s what I need.” After a few minutes of a quiet mind I typed the word silence into my Word file. And the shorty was born. Almost more of a prose poem.

Working Title: Silence
1st Sentence: It’s been a long time coming, this silence.
Favorite Sentence: You had to fight for your share of enough—enough breakfast, enough mattress, enough water for a bath, enough room to speak, enough mother, enough father.
Word Length: 238

The photo above, taken in Perugia by Flickr user Ale 8/2005, was labeled “Silence,” and I agree the word is apt to describe this lovely, peaceful space.

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