My Permanent Record

9 Jan

Gold StarI don’t think people threaten kids with what might appear on their Permanent Record anymore. But it was something I heard a lot growing up. Don’t even think of doing X or it’ll wind up on your Permanent Record! Strangely, this threat had teeth, at least for me. But I’ve always been a coward. Today’s shorty is another written in the form of a list of 7 things.

Working Title: On My Permanent Record
1st Sentence: 1. I was winning the gold star race.
Favorite Sentence: Pretty young thing, said my quickened breath, the faint moans of the fake nightmare, pretty frail thing with her long, tangled hair, her skin so pale it shows the blue-veined pulse in her wrist, in the hollow of her neck, can you see that, in the moonlight, can you see how fragile?
Word Length: 834

Photo by Flickr user Nina Matthews from Australia 11/2010.

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