A week of postcards!

27 Nov

I buy pretty postcards wherever I go just so they can sit on a shelf. Today I gathered a pile and went through them, selecting the most intriguing as I went. I kept whittling the pile until I had seven to use for story prompts this week. The first, chosen randomly from the seven, was imprinted with the photo you see here of an Edward Steichen painting (see photo credit below). Isn’t it stunning? It took most of the day for me to get a story out of this image because I was so enchanted with it all I could think of were more colors and shapes. Gorgeous.

Working Title: When I Get Up
1st Sentence: Van Gogh ate paint because he wanted to be yellow, he wanted to be red.
Favorite Sentence: When I get up from this chair I will say to this woman with the thick calves, the heavy shoulders, the stringy hair, that I should never have asked her, thirty-seven years ago, if she wanted to get a coffee.
Word Length: 323

Photo of Edward Steichen’s “Le Tournesol” (The Sunflower), c. 1920, tempera and oil on canvas, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Gift of the Collectors Committee 1999.43.1.

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