Postcards Day 2

28 Nov

I have a postcard with the image shown here (see photo credit below) of Barry Flanagan’s sculpture “Thinker on a Rock.” I meditated on this wonderful man-like hare for quite some time and then landed on a certain famous manlike bunny we all know well…. So the day’s shorty turned out to be my first fan fiction!

Working Title: Psycho Bunny
1st Sentence: Ilsa had worked her hand through the crisscrossed rope that bound her, retrieved her Swiss Army knife from her jeans pocket, and was sawing away, thinking bitter, bitter thoughts about that talking rabbit they had all believed was going to be such a godsend.
Favorite Sentence: No knock, no preamble, just a furry waltz across the floor and he threw himself into a chair, put his huge feet on her desk, looked at her narrow-eyed and asked his favorite question—wassup?
Word Length: 1,793

Photo of “Thinker on a Rock” by Barry Flanagan (1997), in the National Gallery of Art’s sculpture garden in Washington, DC.

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