A character returns!

26 Nov

People keep asking me if I bring back characters created for these shorties and I keep saying no while thinking that I should. Today I thought about previous stories with that idea in mind and one character came to me immediately, Yessiree Bob from the story of the same name written on June 20. Yessiree Bob is not the protagonist of that first story, but he is the protagonist of this one. Good to visit with him again.

Working Title: Nosiree Bob
1st Sentence: What do you do when you are a wildly successful motivational speaker who has written a book entitled A Life of Yes, a celebrity, at this point, who, just to nail down your gold-winning identity, legally changed your name to Yessiree Bob, and one day, one fine morning of buttery sunshine, a sweet summer breeze, the scent of bacon wafting into your bedroom because your trophy wife has decided to surprise you with breakfast, you find that you can say only one thing, over and over: No.
Favorite Sentence: With your agent, calling to discuss the next book, the one that’s supposed to be called, Bitches, I Said, Yes!
Word Length: 285

Photo by Brady Willette, 2010.

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