Leslie Anderson Paintings Day 7!

22 Oct

And adieu to Week 25! Enjoy with me this pretty éclair as I celebrate another completed week of this project. Many thanks again to Leslie Anderson for her inspirational paintings posted at Shanti Arts Publishing to invite original short stories for the contest they’re running with the Maine Writers & Publishers Association. Today’s shorty was inspired by Anderson’s Blue Bucket. I do have to confess to ending the week on a slide. Yesterday I couldn’t execute and today I struggled for a subject and finally had to move forward with material that just wouldn’t come alive. Well, anyway, it was a good week overall.

Working Title: Lunch Box Man
1st Sentence: If my father were a superhero and I had to write his origin story, explaining his source of strength, I would have to describe the hard plastic, fully insulated, milk-crate-sized lunch box he carried to work every day.
Favorite Sentence: Take his lunch box and he would go boneless and helpless and roll into the gutter, Lunch Box Man destroyed.
Word Length: 470

Photo by Jagvar 6/2005.

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