Mystery Box from Jen Hicks!

23 Oct

The lovely and talented Jen Hicks, writer friend and Hunger Mountain colleague, recently sent me a mystery box all the way from her home in St. Paul. She just said, hey, what’s your address, and a few weeks later comes a box with random goodies I can use for story prompts. What a treat! Today’s shorty was inspired by the first thing I fished out of the box, the button pictured very badly here because I wield a camera about as well as I can throw a ball—but get out of my way if I’ve got a Frisbee (just sayin’). The button says “Restore Monkey Island” and has a picture of a banana on it. Love it! The story I don’t love as much because I couldn’t compress my vision enough but it’s got a lot of potential for when I can come back to revise.

Working Title: Our Marge
1st Sentence: I tried to call the meeting to order but everybody was too buzzy to listen.
Favorite Sentence: Davies and his pals had stirred up garbage over Marge’s role in a kerfuffle a few years back, when a Baptist group demanded that a number of books be removed from the city library to protect children from “tax-subsidized filth.”
Word Length: 1,060

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