Leslie Anderson Paintings Day 6

21 Oct

Back to the well of inspiration from the Leslie Anderson paintings posted at Shanti Arts Publishing for the purpose of the contest they’re running with the Maine Writers & Publishers Association. Today’s shorty was inspired by Anderson’s Fair Night. I was happy with my start but I couldn’t execute this story well, likely partly because I’ve been doing a lot of editing work at Hunger Mountain and so I’m particularly mentally tired. I hope I can liven it up when I’m able to go back and revise.

Working Title: Natural Habitat
1st Sentence: The deep-fried turkey legs were running ahead of the gigantic gobs of pink and blue cotton candy, but only just.
Favorite Sentence: In our thirty minutes of viewing time, the woman fished out and ate, according to Jason, twelve cashews.
Word Length: 901

Photo by Andrew Dunn at Cambridge Midsummer Fair 6/2005.

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