Place Series Day 4: The Gym

24 Aug

Okay, I wrote today’s shorty before I got to the gym but that’s because I woke up thinking “gym” and I’m so familiar with the place—and I’ve already written several shorties there—that my mind started working on the sights and sounds right away. Within minutes I was scribbling.

Working Title: This Is ME
1st Sentence: She tended to do things in cycles, particularly self-improvement.
Favorite Sentence: When friends commented on her new physique and asked her how she maintained such a rigorous workout regimen, she would fling aside the self-deprecating jokes that sprang to mind—I pay a hunky man to stay just a few paces ahead of me when I run, so I’ll keep moving; Cosmo advised either heroin or the gym to achieve that cover-girl look, and I hate needles.
Word Length: 525

Photo taken at Davis Fitness Center at Bates College. I have written multiple shorties on that mat.

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