Place Series Day 5: Theater

25 Aug

Frontier is a wonderful example of how the old mill buildings so prevalent in Maine can be re-purposed. A combination restaurant-theater-gallery-performance center, Mainers have treasured this place since it opened in Brunswick not long after I moved to the state in summer 2006. I sat in their small theater scribbling ideas in my notebook for about 15 minutes before the showing of the film my husband and I came to see, “Queen of Versailles.” (I give the documentary a thumbs up but I have no idea why reviewers found it hilarious. It’s fascinating, disturbing, and very sad. I think I laughed three times.) I came back to my notes hours later to work my impressions into a shorty. Love the idea for it, but I’ll need good luck with revision to accomplish what I hoped.

Working Title: American Belle
1st Sentence: I have one real image of my maternal grandmother, the twenty-minute movie star.
Favorite Sentence: Whereas Nora—well, you can see from those crisp white gloves that she never touched anything dirty, and those wall-to-wall eyes were nothing if not innocent.
Word Length: 503

Photo: Frontier in Brunswick, Maine, August 2012.

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