Place Series Day 3: The Store

23 Aug

I’m finding that places are not inspiring stories as well as photos but that is likely at least partly due to the fact that having to go somewhere adds a task to my day that I’m having trouble fitting in. Each of these first 3 days of the series I’ve left for my writing prompt-place no earlier than 4:00 in the afternoon. I do like today’s shorty, especially that I kept it so brief. But I don’t love it.

Working Title: Ma’am Tantrum
1st Sentence: Far too many ma’am’s in one day.
Favorite Sentence: Teenager-cum-college freshman just this weekend, right now squaring up to the wide world with only narrowed eyes and a sailor’s vocabulary as weapons.
Word Length: 344

Photo: Hannaford grocery on Sabattus street in Lewiston, Maine, where today’s shorty was inspired.

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