Another Ode to Austen

10 Apr

Jane AustenKitty pictures. References to Jane Austen. Yes, I know I’m a cliché. I remember affectionately a shorty I wrote in July that featured members of a Jane Austen club. It has no resemblance whatsoever to the day’s shorty, which is a meditation on the complaint I hear sometimes that Jane painted too pretty a picture of romantic engagement. I’ll just say here that for every happily married heroine waltzing off into the misty bliss, Jane gives us at least one painful marriage portrait, in fact definitely more than one, and a handful of jilted lovers besides.

Working Title: Jane’s Sin
1st Sentence: Oh, Jane.
Favorite Sentence: Darcy and his stiff upper lip, his focus on breeding, his need to be right—this is not the stuff of smolder.
Word Length: 288

Image is a retouched and cropped photo of a portrait of Jane Austen done by her sister Cassandra (1773 – 1845).

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