Changes Coming

9 Apr

Siberian KittenAfter a week of prompts I’m going without a net again. I’ve been thinking anxiously about how I’ll frame my writing time after this year—what will I use to inspire discipline when I’m not driven by my goal? I’m also currently looking for a house and preparing to adopt two sister kittens to fill the hole my sweet Maria left behind. I suppose all of this led me to write a shorty about a woman entering another phase in her life. The piece has promise.

Working Title: Phase II
1st Sentence: We did the show in front of a live studio audience the entire eleven-year run, from when I was five years old to sixteen.
Favorite Sentence: Sure, as long as I was Cassidy Dunlovey people put up with my thin lips and chubby cheeks, said my mother.
Word Length: 490

Photo of a Siberian kitten by Johanna Fager 1/2007. I’m adopting Siberians because they’re supposed to be very good for people with allergies.

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