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26 Mar

Dripping FaucetSo here’s the thing about writing a story every day for 329 days. On the 330th day, you ask yourself: What have I not done yet? A gazillion things, of course, but the brain that has written a story every day for 329 days doesn’t FEEL like there are a gazillion ideas and approaches out there. That brain says, are you shitting me? But then Rude Brain does actually think of something she hasn’t done yet. With the help of a prompt, of course. This week (my DS weeks begin on Tuesdays), I’ve decided to focus on a different sense each day, adding the “sixth sense” for fun, and re-doing one of the senses for the seventh day. I drew randomly to determine the order and today I had to focus on sound. So I wrote a story that was framed around a “sound” word. That made me want to blend text, so I found a way to mix in quotes from a Shakespeare play. I don’t think the resultant shorty-stew works so well but it was fun to just be a goof.

Working Title: Drip Drip Drip
1st Sentence: Oh, of course, why not, the classic drip drip drip of the bathroom faucet drip drip drip.
Favorite Sentence: It’s just like those frogs in Atlanta drip drip drip that time when you wore those purple-ey pants, do you remember drip drip drip??
Word Length: 866

Photo by Nicole-Koehler.

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