Another Cat Appears

25 Mar

Jordan AlmondsI’ve admitted somewhere before on this blog that I have a fondness for putting cats in my stories. I think it’s been a while, though, since I have indulged. I like the idea for the day’s shorty, which has a cat front and center, but the execution wasn’t so great. I’ll come back to it. In the meantime, congratulations to me for completing Week 47! I’m a sucker for Easter candy, which always includes for me Jordan almonds. I’ve been eating far too many of them these last few days. Just one more small handful to celebrate another completed week.

Working Title: The Choice
1st Sentence: “Does Tweezle want his mommy? Hmm? His mommy?”
Favorite Sentence: “Silly silly Tweezle-plum-pie,” said Samantha, her body oozing closer.
Word Length: 285

Photo by Alex Kasperavičius 2/2006.

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