Goodbye Week 43!

25 Feb

CheeseburgerEasy ones are increasingly rare so I’m grateful for this shorty that wrote itself, a strange piece about a poet that came from who knows where. And I’m so happy to officially mark another week! I’m celebrating with my memory of the fabulous burgers I ate at B Good when I was in Boston last week for the AWP conference. Proud to say they buy their ground beef from farmers here in Maine!

Working Title: Telling the Truth
1st Sentence: She composed her poetry on cotton bed sheets with toothpicks dipped in ink because she felt that the physical act of writing should be as painstaking as the mental act.
Favorite Sentence: She said that time and detergent were perfecting her poetry, erasing words she had been too cowardly to say no to.
Word Length: 543

I neglected to take a photo of the burgers I ate in Boston but they looked a lot like this one. Thanks to cyclonebill 6/2005.

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