A Very Strange One

24 Feb

Lauren BacallWhen I catch up on story posts—I’m writing this one about 3 weeks later—I use notes describing the writing session that I leave in the Word file created for the shorty. This file had no notes and I had no memory of the piece even as I read it just now. It’s refreshing, though, because it’s really strange and total fiction, unlike so many autobiographical pieces I wrote in February. The ending is a speed-written plunge with gaps (it’s obvious I was nodding off as I wrote it) and the ending scenario is very likely to change, but at least this one is well worth coming back to.

Working Title: My Savior
1st Sentence: There she was, my savior, standing at my door, wearing a pearl gray trench coat, a black fedora, and stilletto heels.
Favorite Sentence: Do not get between my savior and spicy peanut sauce.
Word Length: 997

Photo is a detail of a pin-up of Lauren Bacall for the November 24/26, 1944 issue of Yank, the Army Weekly.

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