15 Feb

MeteoriteMy husband’s family likes to tease his younger brother about his greatest fear when he was a child, which was that a meteor might fall on him. I wonder if he felt vindicated when he heard about the meteor that fell in Russia and saw the amazing video. My shorty doesn’t measure up yet but it might in revision.

Working Title: Meteor Stories
1st Sentence: She was in the hallway upstairs—the only spot in the house where she wouldn’t be near a window—half-awake after a late night of grading papers, plodding from bedroom to bathroom, her mind on the leftover chocolate cake she’d brought home from a birthday party last night.
Favorite Sentence: Whatever just hit, whatever has been destroyed and set aflame, he knows how to tame it.
Word Length: 717

Photo of a Campo del Cielo meteorite by Beatrice Murch 4/2007.

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