When Sadness Helps

11 Feb

Hot ChocolateThis hot chocolate looks so comforting. It’s the right virtual treat to enjoy as gratitude for completing the very, very difficult Week 41. As for the day’s shorty (I’m typing this post on February 21), I had no heart for writing the day after saying goodbye to our kitty. Late that night, when I couldn’t make anything in my idea file work, I looked through my file of unfinished stories and found a start to something I wrote more than four years ago. My “I really wish I didn’t have to think about this” approach helped me to zero in on why I never wrote more than a few paragraphs after a whole page of notes on what I wanted to accomplish: The story’s vision was far too complicated. I saw how to render a simplified version in much shorter form and pounded it out. It’s a joke-story in any case, probably destined to live on my hard drive. But it’s nice to check off another piece that had been languishing in my “unfinished” folder. And it was good to work on something meant to be humorous.

Working Title: Story by Committee
1st Sentence: Notes on Final Draft of “When I Wasn’t Looking” by Sharona Weekly
Favorite Sentence: By slim majority and against the wishes of the recording secretary, we decided to eliminate your epiphany ending to this story.
Word Length: 1,533

Photo by Itisdacurlz 12/2010.

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