Too Sad To Care

10 Feb

I wrote this shorty on the day we had to euthanize our sweet kitty. We took her to the animal hospital early and then spent the day crying over her. Late that night I couldn’t summon any desire to write but I had to, so I produced a story by grabbing at various stray thoughts. And I have to say that when I read this one, I remember that I did become interested in it, despite myself. I remember, too, that I was soothed by the writing that night. And I’m surprised to find that the story has a lot of promise. Again, no heart for a photo.

Working Title: Unverified
1st Sentence: Scar. She has a vertical quarter-inch scar just above the left side of her upper lip.
Favorite Sentence: The dream is beginning to feel more reliable than her memory.
Word Length: 735

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