Rescuing Scraps

6 Feb

SlippersI like it when I can figure out how to build on the scraps I save in my idea file. Struggled the whole day then finally made something work. Not a keeper in present form but it has potential for when I come back to it.

Working Title: Fire
1st Sentence: Phase 1: Frat party, bouquet of roses, too much drunk sex, BIG WEDDING with poofy dress.
Favorite Sentence: He’s the kind of guy who gives fancy chocolates and really plush slippers on Valentine’s day, who replays that moment in the movie when our hero gets his tie stuck in the door seven times because he loves her screaming laughter, who brings treats for the cats when he comes over.
Word Length: 343

Photo from the website of Lamey Wellehan, where my husband bought me these awesome slippers for Christmas.

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