New Lease on Life + Poetry

29 Jan

HandThere is one good thing about the flu (and it’s certainly not worth it): Once on the road to recovery, everything you eat and drink is delicious, and everything you do is exciting because it’s so easy. Yesterday I straightened up the kitchen and felt incredibly happy that I had the energy to do it. I wanted to wash that dish—and I did! The day’s shorty isn’t great but it has a bit of spark and that’s enough for me right now. I’m going back to prompts this week and will be using the site Poetry Daily again for my inspiration. The day’s inspiration poem is Dispatch Detailing Rust, by Adrian C. Louis, published in New Letters, Volume 79, No. 1. The first four lines as a teaser: I was merely on / the cusp of growing / old when I shook / his hand, my enemy’s

Working Title: Art
1st Sentence: She lifted her hands and squinted into the light.
Favorite Sentence: A little lingo-lasso, and we’ll rustle ourselves a better profile.
Word Length: 316

Photo by Striatic 7/2009.

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