Goodbye Week 39!

28 Jan

SkittlesAnd… um… good riddance. Thanks to my flu, definitely the worst week of the challenge. I wrote today’s shorty as a meditation on place that I hoped would help with another, long, unfinished story I’ve been revisiting. It helped in that now I know the longer story doesn’t need it. As for the photo, now that I’m recovering an appetite, I’m craving every food I’ve ever eaten and enjoyed, including junk food. For some reason today I am plagued by thoughts of Skittles.

Working Title: A Carpenter
1st Sentence: Mr. Fitz cleared his throat again and looked around the green-gray, windowless room at the bored faces of his General Math students.
Favorite Sentence: She passed a heavy woman wearing a light jacket and no gloves or hat plodding along the sidewalk, singing an old righteous song about Jesus being a carpenter, something about washing feet with hair.
Word Length: 700

Photo by PiccoloNamek 2003.

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