Hello Flu

25 Jan

Christmas OrnamentsMy main concern since I turned this project into a year-long challenge has been that I’ll get very sick and find myself unable to keep up the challenge while ill. I’m writing this a week later than the date you see, now mostly recovered from a bout with the flu. I’m happy to report that I did, just barely, maintain the commitment. On my worst days I kept a spiral notebook in the bed with me and took advantage of the more lucid moments to scribble. Honestly, I did question my dedication to the challenge. I asked myself why I was insisting on writing stories while so sick, when clearly there was no hope for good work to come of it. What’s the point of that? Where’s the gain? I still have no good answer. But I did it.

Working Title: First Christmas
1st Sentence: He’d told her how much he loves Christmas, how he likes to do something special with gifts.
Favorite Sentence: If there’s a flag that is just a black-ish rectangle, she’s pretty sure she wouldn’t want to visit that country.
Word Length: 746

Photo by Nevit Dilmen 2006.

One Response to “Hello Flu”

  1. cynthia January 31, 2013 at 6:49 PM #

    Of course you did : ) Glad you’re feeling better. And I love your favorite sentence.

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