Fading Fast

24 Jan

Kittens on chairCouldn’t focus. None of my usual tricks worked. Pulled something from my Idea File, finally, fleshed it out, made it as good as I could just to meet my requirements. And I began to suspect I had something worse than a cold. And yes, more photo therapy.

Working Title: On a Slant
1st Sentence: Mr. Coulter was known in our neighborhood as the elderly man who kept a great flower garden and loved little girls.
Favorite Sentence: We also went into the back room—they called it a mud room—where I rummaged through clothes so old they looked like costumes, dressed myself in an outlandish outfit, and then pranced around, putting on an extemporaneous play for Mr. Coulter, who would laugh and clap and then ask my character questions.
Word Length: 887

Photo by Stephan Brunet 11/2007.

One Response to “Fading Fast”

  1. Patricia Weidler January 31, 2013 at 1:54 PM #

    Many thanks for letting me know ahead of time that this story is not about a creepy older man but a very nice, creative, and supportive man. Two months left to go, you can do it Claire! Have you started planning an event or trip to take place on May 1?

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