Still tired.

2 Jan

Potato ChipsI’m writing and back-dating story posts now, and when I consult my notes to see what I was thinking when I wrote each day’s shorty, I mostly see “I’m tired.” Today’s shorty might or might not come good when I have a chance to go back to it, but anyway I’m grateful for it because my favorite sentence gives me an excuse to post a photo of potato chips. Mmmmm.

Working Title: Pledge
1st Sentence: A new day, a new year, a new life of integrity.
Favorite Sentence: If you pretend that the handful of potato chips you snag on the way through the kitchen, or the two Hershey’s kisses you fish out of the candy bowl at work on the way to your cubicle don’t count—because you ate them in motion?—and for that reason you don’t have to list them in your food diary you talk about to everyone within earshot, oh it’s changing your life, that food diary, then you are lying to yourself.
Word Length: 399

Photo by Evan-Amos 10/2010.

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