Happy New Year!

1 Jan

Baby BedDecember kicked my Daily Shorty butt. I was in danger of shutting down multiple times, which is why I’m yet again backdating story posts. When I’m that fatigued, I can only keep up with the stories, and posts have to go by the wayside. Anyway, here’s to a more energetic 2013! Starting the year with a shorty about a topic alien to me: motherhood. I have been spared the duty of parsing mothering advice but I see my friends negotiating the deluge of shoulds coming from all quarters.

Working Title: So Much Promise
1st Sentence: Out loud, Dana said this: Good morning, Bettina. How did you sleep, Bettina? Hmm? How did you sleep?
Favorite Sentence: The guidelines had been very clear about the difference, and how the first would create an angry, willful child who would come home from college and live in the basement until she was 40, whereas the second ensured that Bettina would become a world-renowned research scientist or ballerina or perhaps a multi-lingual diplomat.
Word Length: 619

Photo of a traditional baby bed in Mexico.

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