Goodbye to Week 34!

24 Dec

TwizzlersAnd another week locked away! I once posted a pic of a Dark Milkyway as my celebration treat and confessed then that my palate can be a very cheap date. My husband put Twizzlers in my Christmas stocking this year and I squealed with delight when I found them. So enjoy with me this very cheap treat as I say goodbye to another week. The day’s shorty was inspired by another scrap from the Idea File that I then mostly junked once the story took shape. The story’s got some gaps–just barely makes it into my definition of “complete” for the purposes of this challenge–but it’s also got some good potential.

Working Title: What Perfect Looks Like
1st Sentence: What would a perfect world look like?
Favorite Sentence: In a perfect world the girl who walked her college campus in fluttery broom skirts and sandals, handing out flyers decrying the brutality of her own government’s spy games in South America and the Middle East, would not grow into a woman who worked for the U.S.’s largest private defense firm, up to its ears and bad toupees in dirty money and blowback-control.
Word Length: 1,168

Photo by Evan-Amos 11/2010.

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