Another Story Scrap

23 Dec

BechamelSeveral starts got me nowhere and my mind felt blank, so I went looking for something interesting in stories that are unfinished or finished but bad. I stumbled over a paragraph that I’d tacked onto the end of a poor story I’ve never been able to rescue in the four or five years of occasionally playing with it. That (now re-worked) paragraph sparked the day’s shorty.

Working Title: In the End
1st Sentence: If she’d been asked to predict what she’d think about in her final moments, she would have said, of course, her loved ones.
Favorite Sentence: Béchamel, béchamel—like a lapping wave of sun-warm water, the light lick of perfume spray, the soothing tones of that wind chime hung on the porch in North Carolina, where she spent a month every summer with Grandma, where the sleeping is best out in the cool breeze, the slippery air.
Word Length: 346

Photo of white sauce (béchamel) on the stovetop by Roozitaa 10/2012.

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