Water, water, everywhere.

5 Dec

FloodUPDATE. River Styx published “High Water” in Issue 89. Many thanks! [As of 1/23/2017, the archives page at River Styx is not working. For now, see my story in full here.]

Including plenty to drink. I was 100% idea-free most of the day, and so went visiting in my idea file for help. I found a snippet I wrote about the river that ran behind the house I grew up in. A nice bit but one I have been unable to use. So… use it, I said to myself. I dropped it into a Word file and began free-associating. I wrote seven (there’s that number again) paragraphs about other water-related memories and finally, finally, one caught. As it turns out, I didn’t use that first bit, but it was the way to today’s shorty.

Working Title: High Water
1st Sentence: The water brought quiet, heaviness, a strained peace.
Favorite Sentence: He is Moses, his lime-green truck will split the Red Sea, all our worry, our polite, whispered, pretty-please, no-thank-you worry, is for nothing.
Word Length: 468

Photo by Des Blenkinsopp of floods near Newells Pond in the U.K., 2/2010.

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