Birds on my mind.

4 Dec

BirdYesterday when I went to the gym I saw a lovely bird hopping around the twiggy branches of a denuded tree right outside the main door. I am terrible about identifying birds, so I have no idea what it was, but it looked nothing like the bird pictured here (photo credit below), I just love this picture so much I had to post it. The bird I saw had plenty of soft blue and its head was striped with a really vivid yellow. He looked skittery to me (and yes, like a “he”) so I spoke to him in a whisper and then went on my way. I suppose it was that bird that inspired today’s shorty, which is delightfully short.

Working Title: Fly Bird
1st Sentence: If you look closely you will see the bird in her hands.
Favorite Sentence: As though there is nothing to see, as though she doesn’t hold tight the cluster of warm feathers and slender, slick bones, at the center a throbbing heart.
Word Length: 162

Photo of a chestnut headed bee eater by Naseer Ommer from Kerala, India, 2/2008.

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