Postcards Day 6

2 Dec

MooseMy inspiration postcard today pictures two young bull moose by the water, sparring. I couldn’t find a picture of two moose online that I like as well as the picture here (photo credit below) so a picture of one will have to do for this post. I have yet to see a moose in my 6+ years in Maine, mostly because I’m unlikely to see one from the couch. I would be delighted to see one of these goofy gus animals in person, but NOT, I sincerely hope, and thank you very much, in my headlights.

Working Title: Moose Wedding
1st Sentence: My sister was to be married at the Moose Lodge.
Favorite Sentence: We also both believed that my sister should not be marrying this guy, but the truth of that was so obvious, so poke-your-eye-with-a-stick unavoidable, that it didn’t count as agreement.
Word Length: 542

Photo by Walter Ezell 6/2010.

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