Fragrance Day 3

15 Nov

My husband enjoys few things more than a huge bowl of Cheerios. Whenever he eats Cheerios, which is almost every day and often twice a day, I am struck by the very specific scent of that cereal and I have commented on it. So no surprise when I woke up to discover a giant box of Cheerios as the fragrance prompt the husband chose for my day. I opened the box and sniffed the cereal multiple times but in the end I couldn’t come up with a story until he came home and fixed a bowl for himself. And there it was, the smell I know so well. Maybe there’s something about his eating pleasure that adds to the scent.

Working Title: Today’s Menu
1st Sentence: For breakfast, you will feast on a generous bowl of Cheerios, served in a sturdy, delightfully lopsided old margarine tub, with skim milk, and, BONUS, the fresh, local blueberries your neighbor brought over yesterday!
Favorite Sentence: Whatever your choice, enjoy as you return from the snack room a cool slice of fuck-you, flung as you pass her cubicle by Jenny, who is still totally pissed off that you got the Hennicker account.
Word Length: 679

Photo by Conrad Irwin 2008.

One Response to “Fragrance Day 3”

  1. cynthia November 17, 2012 at 4:26 PM #

    Two recent mentions of cheerios…a theme?

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