Fragrance Day 2

14 Nov

Today’s fragrance was a “Christmas Cookie” scented candle from Yankee Candle that was hanging around our apartment somewhere. The husband left it at my bedside this morning. I smelled it. I smelled it again. And I was stumped. I smelled it once more. Still stumped. So I filled my day with other things and then very, very late, thoughts about baking cookies led to thoughts about candy led to a childhood memory led to a complete story. Ergh. Next.

Working Title: Candy Man
1st Sentence: Supposedly his only child, a daughter, had died as a teenager—a car accident, said some, no, no, it was tuberculosis, said others—and then his wife died of cancer (or possibly heartbreak over the girl) not long after.
Favorite Sentence: “I don’t know what’s going to happen to these kids,” he said to my mother as he left, and he sounded so anguished that I stopped making wolf-eyes at the candy boxes and focused on their talk.
Word Length: 677

Photo by Adam Zivner 4/2008.

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