Welcome Week 28!

6 Nov

With all the election excitement, I clean forgot to celebrate my completion of another week of the Daily Shorty challenge yesterday. Doesn’t this cocoa look wonderful? Let’s drink a fond farewell to Week 27! And hello, week 28. Not starting the week with a barn burner, but… glad to be starting the week.

Working Title: We Win
1st Sentence: Please spare me your justifications and just do it.
Favorite Sentence: Yeah, there’s nothing so inspiring as a bunch of red-faced white guys stuffed into their made-in-China suits, sweating into their limp collars, eyes bulging, hands clapping, leaping around on their fat feet pinched by those shiny, black-beetle shoes, chanting like they know the rap, like they’ve got the shizzle in the hizzle.
Word Length: 347

Photo by 4028mdk09 10/2009.

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