Texture Last Day

5 Nov

Election fever has set in with a vengeance. I’ve done a pretty good job avoiding the news for some time now but the energy of the Big Day is pouring over me, now, and I’m finding it very difficult to focus. No surprise that the day’s shorty is lackluster. It was inspired by my last texture prompt, a small die (as in one of a pair of dice) that the husband handed me this morning. For some reason after pressing my thumb into each side of it I began to tap my fingernails on it. That reminded me of the sound of high heels on a hard floor, so that wound up prompting the story. Yes, I know, a sound, not a texture. What can you do.

Working Title: Phyllis Power
1st Sentence: We always know when Phyllis is on a tear, because we can hear the frantic clip-clopping of those heels from a mile away, like a horse galloping on marble.
Favorite Sentence: She says this frightens her but she doesn’t seem frightened when she talks about the probing.
Word Length: 906

Photo of Egyptian dice (600-800 BC) by Swiss Museum of Games.

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