Mystery Box Day 4!

26 Oct

Well, I don’t know how good this story is, but I’m really proud of how I pulled it out. I’ve been doing a lot of editing work lately and it’s draining the same part of my brain I need for my stories. And honestly today I just felt DONE. My inspiration was this postcard (Web photo copied from here, if you’d like your own). I couldn’t get anything from the graphic story so I just closed my eyes and riffed on the word “Goodbye.” Then I stared at my paragraph for a while, dozed, came back to life, stared. I added an introductory paragraph that created a scene for what I’d written. Stared some more. Transitioned to a series of short paragraphs to get myself to an ending. Is it great? No. Is it a story? Hell yes.

Working Title: Fade to Black
1st Sentence: They did a great job with her face.
Favorite Sentence: Like fresh grapes or berries—a spritz and the right lighting and you look fresh-picked.
Word Length: 402

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