Mystery Box Day 3!

25 Oct

Today’s inspiration: a torn piece from a catalog. On one side of the page is a lovely young woman with long blond hair in a prettified out-doors-ey outfit that includes a fancy scarf. On the other side, a sweet, girlish, hand-crafty bracelet at top and a rockin’ pair of studded harness boots at bottom. I studied both sides of the page for something around 5 minutes, then wrote a story that included none of these things but did feature a photographer trying to take pretty pictures. My silly image at the top of the post is a goofy catalog-page-like decoration that I assembled from pretty pics of things similar to what’s on my page scrap.

Working Title: In All Things
1st Sentence: If you stare at a scattering of pretzel bites long enough—if the pretzel bites are studded with salt crystals, if their burnished surfaces are a rich cocoa brown with hints of mellow gold, if they rest on a plush, wine-red carpet—they become beautiful.
Favorite Sentence: Could he even try to love a woman who hates pumpkins?
Word Length: 628

Boots by Flickr user “Idhren” 9/2009, Bracelet by Vassil 7/2007, scarf by Scoopygogo 11/2010.

2 Responses to “Mystery Box Day 3!”

  1. cynthia October 27, 2012 at 8:48 PM #

    I like your favorite sentence!

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