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10 Oct

I want to know if the things I’ve learned in this experiment can help me with old problems. So far the answer is more yes than no. A story I started a couple of years ago came back to me today. I opened the old file, looked at all the text (something over 3,000 words) and notes about what I wanted to accomplish, and just felt tired. Then the truer bits began to show themselves and I realized that this was a clear case of “vision run wild.” There was a simple story trying to get out of all that mess. So I wrote that simple story as the day’s shorty.

Working Title: My Bigfoot
1st Sentence: I wish to goddamn Janice never opened her big mouth and talked to that little idiot at the high school, Miss High and Mighty Journalist Wannabe, about my Bigfoot.
Favorite Sentence: My Bigfoot looked in a window before hers did, mine walked across my roof first, left a gift of dried leaves arranged in the shape of a Celtic cross—beautiful!
Word Length: 988

Photo: Mapped U.S. Bigfoot sightings, created 9/2008 by Fiziker using this blank map. (Scale goes to 149.)

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