Goodbye Week 23!

8 Oct

Crème brûlée for me for finishing another week! Isn’t it lovely? Today I tried a new kind of reclaiming of material. I have been working on the foundation story for a linked collection for about three years. The story is over-ambitious, and, so far, un-write-able. I’ve produced something like a 100 pages of material but still don’t have the right draft—soooo frustrating and possibly responsible for this project. The last 5 months have been a welcome (if labor-intensive) break from The Unfinishable Story. Since I’ve been doing so much reclaiming, lately, I got it in my head today to grab a chunk of that story and try to create a shorty out of it. I had fun with it but I don’t think I was successful, really. It’s a complete shorty but it has no punch. Maybe I’ll try again or maybe I’ll write shorties for some of the other characters in that world. Or maybe that’s just playing with fire….

Working Title: Diner Short
1st Sentence: The point of his chin, jutting over the scarf, maybe.
Favorite Sentence: Did she not feel the thrum of energy like a vibrating harp string stretched between their tables?
Word Length: 776

Photo by Californiacondor 12/2005.

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