Reclaimed Crap

7 Oct

I try to suspend judgment to some extent because this experiment is all about process and practice. We all write material we discard and we almost always produce our best work only after careful, thoughtful revision. But sometimes I can’t help but get cranky. Today’s shorty came from a scene I wrote a week or two ago then cut from a story because it didn’t belong. But the scene was good. I saw how to make something of it, so I did. I made a very nicely crafted, well-written piece of CRAP.

Working Title: Impasse
1st Sentence: We’d been driving since noon.
Favorite Sentence: “I think,” I said, in my smallest voice, my movie theater voice, my apology voice, the voice I use when explaining to my doctor why I hadn’t scheduled my next mammogram, “Yes, I think that you should pull over.”
Word Length: 1,702

Photo by Bordercolliez, June 2011.

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