Muddling through….

4 Oct

Day 3 of this process of trying to force connections between three paragraphs generated in succession but without obvious surface connection, then developing story form there. For today’s shorty I wound up building the story from the first two and cutting the third original paragraph. I like the third paragraph so I’ll try starting the next story with that one.

Working Title: Signs
1st Sentence: Last week he found a crumpled piece of paper in his driveway.
Favorite Sentence: Sure, she didn’t mind revealing every secret from her own family but that was because she was from somewhere robust and windblown and awash in tractors, like Idaho or Nebraska, where her relatives lived out their dramas in obscurity.
Word Length: 1,379

Photo taken at El Mirage Lakebed by Horst Frank 11/2004.

One Response to “Muddling through….”

  1. Pat October 7, 2012 at 5:22 PM #

    I think they could fit a few more signs on that board.

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