The Random Encounter

3 Oct

For this “non-prompt” week I’m formalizing a process that I’ve stumbled into before: Think of phrases and sentences until something takes hold. Then instead of exploring what that phrase/sentence brings to mind, beginning to sketch out how it might make a story, just write what flows from it. Then skip a space and do this again. And skip another space and do it again. Then develop transitions between the unconnected pieces until a narrative that feels alive begins to take shape. Cut anything that doesn’t serve the emerging story and write to an end. Go!

Working Title: Indian Princess
1st Sentence: On the way home I passed a teenaged girl in ragged clothes handing out flyers.
Favorite Sentence: Specializes in spiritual cleansing and Indian princesses who can’t afford decent clothes, specializes in getting a divorced, middle-aged accountant super-, super-pissed off.
Word Length: 829

Photo of William Ordway Partridge’s Pocahontas statue (erected in Jamestown, VA, in 1922) by Hfdapuirhdk 4/2006.

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