4th Pic of the Day: Fish Sticks

21 Sep

Oh, the humble fish stick. When I was a kid fish sticks seemed special because they were so different from the standard dinners we ate all the time—hot dogs, fried chicken, tiny hockey-puck hamburgers, pork chops when we were lucky. My childhood love of crispy, fishy rectangles might have something to do with my adult passion for the grown-up version and a Maine specialty: fish and chips. Mmm, the fried haddock here in Maine. I do love a good lobster roll but I never, ever turn down fish and chips.

Working Title: Fish Stick Family
1st Sentence: In conversation with friends, when he made references to her background, he liked to say that she came from a “fish stick family.”
Favorite Sentence: “You want your GODDAMN fiiiish tacos but you know what, you know what, you can shove that lobster therrrrmidoreshit right up the better part of your ASSHOLE,” she spat, and flopped over on her other side.
Word Length: 311

Photo of Red Rockfish by U.S. Fish Commission, 1906, picture of the day at Wikimedia Commons 8/31/2011.

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