3rd Pic of the Day: Sing-Song

20 Sep

I remember when I began to bust out shorties that I had strong affection for but that arrived in unfamiliar shapes and with endings that maybe weren’t endings. That started in July and all those unfamiliar shapes, as much as my busy days, have delayed my Story Facts and favorites pages for July and August. I just don’t know how to judge some of these stories. For now I think that must be a good thing—I have faith that I’m teaching myself something new. Or at least teaching myself how to wander into the tall weeds with less fear. Anyway, today’s shorty is one of these inscrutables, inspired by the photo above. I really like it, partly because two silly rhyming songs from my girlhood made an appearance. But is it good? I have no idea.

Working Title: Practicing Silence
1st Sentence: The retreat was supposed to teach me the benefits of solitude and silence.
Favorite Sentence: Spending all your time making cheese and pressing grapes, all to the good and no harm to Mother Earth, but she still beats you with her sun rays, Brother Hubert.
Word Length: 851

Photo of Sella Mountains by Dmitry A. Mottl, 2/2011, picture of the day at Wikimedia Commons 8/30/2011.

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